What's the point of poetry in Scotland?

Monday 14 December 2015

What's the point of poetry? We're asking that question at StAnza in March in one of our headline exhibitions for next March. In 2013 our sister festival in Berlin commissioned photographs of poets, one from each of the 47 countries in Europe, in which they are positioned against an iconic building or location in their country holding up some words of their own text. The intention was to present an overview of how poets saw society and culture in their own European countries. Two years on, the issue of Europe, and Scotland and the UK in Europe, is no less pertinent. 

To accompany the exhibition, and as part of our focus on architecture for 2016, we're launching an outreach project inviting poets in Scotland and across the UK to send us images of themselves, anonymous or otherwise, in which they are photographed against an iconic Scottish or British building or other architectural structure and holding up some words or lines of their own text.

We'll feature a selection of the photographs received on our website and on social media in the run up to, during and after the festival. If you'd like to be included in this, please send your photographs to stanza@stanzapoetry with the subject line: What's the point of poetry?  And in your email please confirm either that it's your own photograph, if it's a selfie, or otherwise that the photographer (whom we can credit they wish) gives permission for the photograph to feature on our website and social media platforms.

So time to get snappy!  And here are a few of the images from the exhibition to inspire you, from Bosnia Herzogovenia, Romania and Norway respectively with poets Cornelius Jakhelln (Norway), Svetlana Carstean (Romania) and Senadin Musabugovi (Bosnia Herzogovenia).