Sunday 14 February 2016

Happy Valentine's Day! And on the day people traditionally share, quote from, misquote and remember favourite love poems, when better to launch our 2016 project to ask people to give us their views on the question: What's the point of poetry?  This is the title for one of this year's exhibitions at StAnza and we'll also have a project running with the hashtag #whatsthepointofpoetry asking people to give us their views on this. We'll be inviting people to stand-by their words writ large on a whiteboard and shared as photographs on social media, but do share your thoughts on this with us in other ways, by comments on the blog, via Facebook or Twitter.

And don't forget, we already have a call out asking people to send us photographs of themselves posing with some text, their own or a favourite line or phrase against a backdrop which fits our architectural focus for this year, buildings, bridges, walls, etc. So please keep them coming as well, by Facebook, Twitter or email to stanza@stanzapoetry.org.