Will you vote for StAnza?

Wednesday 18 November 2015

Calling on all our supporters or followers – or anyone else for that matter – living in the St Andrews and Tayport area. The good news is that StAnza has been shortlisted by The Cooperative Membership Community
Fund for a grant towards the visual art programme at our festival in March. We’re shortlisted along with two other local (ie local to the St Andrews/Tayport) organisations. This is wonderful for us and thanks to the Coop! Like so many other arts organisations we’ve really felt the bite of austerity funding cuts so this could not be more welcome and fortunate, and could make a big difference in helping us continue to deliver another successful festival.

So what we need now is for people who live in the St Andrews or Tayport area to vote for us. Because we are based in St Andrews and operate in this area, only people who live in this area can vote for us.

If that’s you and you’d be happy to vote for us, you need to register as a Coop member first, unless you’re already registered, in which case:

Vote here: https://www.co-oplocalfund.co.uk/vote_good_cause_overview.aspx

Otherwise you can register online at: https://www.secure.membership.coop/NewMember.aspx#_ga=1.192733866.1080673660.1447357165

And then once you’re registered, you can vote for us.  Please do!

Poetic Voyaging by Kenny Munro: photo by Christine Clark