A World Without Censorship

Thursday 29 October 2015

Today we are sending greetings from St Andrews to the World Without Censorship organisation in Caracus, Venezuela. We are delighted to announce that the winner of their current poetry competition “Letras de Libertad” will be invited to attend our next StAnza festival in March 2016 and I hope they enjoy their visit to Scotland.  Meantime, we have invited the people behind “Letras de Libertad” to introduce themselves to us and are very pleased to include this guest blog post from Caracus.

Poetry and solidarity merge into the contest of “Letras de Libertad”
Caracas, Venezuela. October 28, 2015

“Poetry is art and art itself, is freedom.” This is the premise on which the non-profit organization “A World Without Censorship” is launching the second edition of the poetry contest called “Letras de Libertad” therefore, breaking the boundaries this year by including the participation of Latin American countries and Spain.

Continuing its tradition of promoting the defense of human rights through art and culture, the organization “A World Without Censorship” partners with the School of Arts of the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (UCAB,Venezuela), the library “Lugar Común” (Venezuela), the non-profit organization Fundación Sala Mendoza (Venezuela), the creative signature Ortega Brothers (Venezuela), the Foundation “Adopta un Libro” (Venezuela), The organization “El Laboratorio de Ideas” based in Barcelona (Spain) and finally the prestigious StANZA organization based in Scotland to deliver this important contest to the public.

The contest starts from October 10th until December 1rst of 2015. It gives the opportunity to writers, poets and senior citizens promote solidarity in the absence of freedom through the sublime language of poetry.

To register and participate in our contest you must write a poem about the value of freedom and also a dedication to the victims of human rights violation. This poem should portray either a real or imaginary situation or a historical context anywhere in the world. Please send the poetry to the following email poesía@sinmordaza.org. The organization is proud to inform that a prestigious international jury will evaluate all participants’ poetry

Finally, A World without Censorship is delighted to announce that the first prize winner will attend StAnza, Scotland’s International Poetry Festival, in 2016. This will become a unique experience and will certainly add value to the knowledge and culture of the first prize winner.  

For more information about the contest visit their social media accounts:
Facebook: A World Without Censorship
Twitter: @sinmordaza
Instagram: @sinmordaza