Zestful poetry's on the menu at StAnza's Summer Special Open Mic

Tuesday 5 July 2011

Milton Balgoni will be MC at the Open Mic

Polish up your best poems and head to the Zest Juicing and Coffee Bar in St Andrews: famed for the smoothest of smoothies, it's the venue tomorrow night (6th July) for StAnza's Summer Open Mic at 7pm.

Hosted by Milton Balgoni, the line-up will feature the best of local poetic talent, with contributions from students of the St Andrews Creative Writing Summer Programme. If you're in St Andrews and want to sign up for a slot, there might still be time: email us at director@stanzapoetry.org

Otherwise, just come along to the cafe for a listen – it's at 95 South Street –  and to chill out with the crowd over a smoothie, a coffee and a snack from the Zest menu.  It's what those long Scottish summer evenings are for.