Events - Festival 2018

Border Crossings

Saturday 4 March, 14:15 - 15:15
The Undercroft, St John's House, South Street

Reading: Matthew Caley, R.A. Villanueva

This Border Crossings session introduces two poets who explore this year’s On the Road travel theme in very different ways. Matthew Caley travels through time and place in his latest collection Rake, which takes the form of the diary of a time-travelling libertine in search of his beloved. Meanwhile, R.A. Villanueva – a poet who lives between London and Brooklyn – ponders and celebrates the spaces which emerge when different cultures collide.

Participants: Matthew Caley and R.A. Villanueva
Matthew Caley: Pavla Alchin
R.A. Villanueva: Rachel Eliza Griffiths


The Undercroft, St John's House, South Street

Location: On the north side of South Street opposite West Burn Lane

The oldest and most atmospheric venue used for StAnza events, the Undercroft of St John’s House is linked to the Knights of St John active in St Andrews in pre-...