Events - Festival 2020

Border Crossings

Friday 6 March, 14:15 - 15:15
Parliament Hall, South Street
or call the Byre Theatre Box Office on 01334 475000

Reading: Hanan Issa, Jan Baeke

Join us in this Border Crossings reading to hear from two poets whose writing explores and tests the rules of living with a perceived identity. Hanan Issa crosses artistic mediums, working in collaboration with radio, film, theatre and museums as well as in poetry. Her work covers narratives of history and the ways in which we connect—best demonstrated in her debut pamphlet, My Body Can House Two Hearts. She will be reading alongside Jan Baeke, a poet, translator, editor and curator who has been publishing poetry regularly since his debut in 1997. His latest collection, Seizoensroddel (Seasonal Gossip), was awarded the 2017 Jan Campert Prize for best poetry collection. His poems push against the limits of human perception, and question what is truly possible outwith these limits. Bigger than the Facts, his first collection to be translated into English, appears with Arc in February 2020, translated by Antoinette Fawcett.

NB: Please note that venues open 10 minutes before an event starts, and Parliamant Hall has no Front of House area to wait inside before the house opens.

Part of New Dutch Writing, presented by the Dutch Foundation for Literature

Participants: Jan Baeke and Hanan Issa
Jan Baeke: Keke Keukelaar
Hanan Issa:Abi Bansal


Parliament Hall, South Street

Location: On the south side of South Street opposite the Criterion Bar

Parliament Hall hosted the first major events of the StAnza Festival in its founding year of 1998. It has been used as a main venue for the festival ever since...