Events - Festival 2020

Five O’Clock Verses

Friday 6 March, 17:00 - 18:00
Parliament Hall, South Street
or call the Byre Theatre Box Office on 01334 475000

Reading: Anna Crowe, Ida Börjel

This evening brings together two poets and translators who harness the power of words not only to share their own thoughts, but to protect the meanings and emotions of words as they pass between languages. Anna Crowe, co-founder and Honorary President of StAnza, is a poet and linguist acclaimed for both her original and translated work. Her poetry is often emotive and striking, and her recent original collection, Not on the Side of the Gods, appeared with Arc in 2019. Reading alongside her will be Ida Börjel. An acclaimed voice in Sweden since the publication of her award-winning debut collection, Sond/Probe, in 2004, she has seen her work translated into over twenty languages. Her writing is often conceptual and radical, absorbing and re-inventing language to question and explore human themes.

NB: Please note that venues open 10 minutes before an event starts, and Parliamant Hall has no Front of House area to wait inside before the house opens.

Presented with the support of the Swedish Arts Council

Participants: Ida Börjel and Anna Crowe
Ida Börjel: Dirk Skiba


Parliament Hall, South Street

Location: On the south side of South Street opposite the Criterion Bar

Parliament Hall hosted the first major events of the StAnza Festival in its founding year of 1998. It has been used as a main venue for the festival ever since...