Events - Festival 2020


Friday 6 March, 10:30 - 12:00
Public Library, Church Square - Meeting Room
or call the Byre Theatre Box Office on 01334 475000

A poetry workshop led by Anthony Anaxagorou

This year’s Friday workshop will be led by Anthony Anaxagorou, whose latest collection tracks bodies under pressure from political and historical forces. Today we’ll be looking at the charged concept of ‘home’, asking what it means to us poetically, symbolically and philosophically, and considering how we write into it as an idea.

In partnership with Fife Cultural Trust Libraries, Arts, Museums & Archives

Participants: Anthony Anaxagorou
Anthony Anaxagorou: Julian Knox


Meeting Room – Public Library, Church Square

Location: On Church Square off South Street, set back behind Holy Trinity Church

This venue is the local Fife Council Public Library, an older traditional town building which has had an internal restoration in a modern, airy style...