Events - Festival 2018


Wednesday 1 March, 07:00 - Sunday 5 March, 23:00
Kinburn Park, St Andrews

Lose yourself, or find yourself, in St Andrews' new labyrinth

In the Middle Ages, the Pilgrim Way crossed Fife heading for St Andrews Cathedral and now each year people journey to St Andrews for poetry. This year at StAnza we are celebrating journeys both physical and spiritual. We are delighted as part of this to introduce the new labyrinth in St Andrews to locals and visitors alike. Labyrinths have been used for hundreds of years in different designs and settings. Nowadays labyrinths are walked by people of all faiths and none, who are seeking tranquility, or an opportunity for prayer, or simply having fun. The new St Andrews labyrinth, which is a visual marvel, is the outcome of a project conceived of and arranged for 2016 by local Quakers to mark the 50th anniversary of their first meeting in St Andrews. Two benches in the heart of the labyrinth have carved into them text by George Fox, founder of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers): “Be cool and still in thine own mind and spirit" . The labyrinth is accessible for wheelchair users and is open every day, all day, and is free of charge.

The labyrinth was created through a joint project between Fife Council Parks and Countryside, Fife Community Works Programme, St Andrews Quaker Meeting and Dundee Friends Property Trust. The area is maintained by Fife Council Parks, Streets and Open Spaces.


Kinburn Park, St Andrews

Location: Doubledykes Road, St Andrews  KY16 9DP. Kinburn Park is located on the North Side of Doubledykes Road, quite near St Andrews Bus Station. 

Kinburn Park is a small town park which has within its grounds the town’s museum....