Events - Festival 2021

Meet the Artist

Thursday 5 March, 16:00 - 16:45
Preservation Trust Museum, North Street - Upstairs gallery

Meet the artist behind Over the Line

Poetry comics combine the visual and the written word and in doing so offer a fascinating way to explore both—as poet Chrissy Williams points out, both comics and poems revolve around the significance of the line. Tom Humberstone has been creating poetry comics with Chrissy Williams for several years. Over the Line showcases Tom’s original artwork, scripts and thumbnails alongside the finished comics, and this event offers the opportunity to talk to Tom about the process, the challenges and the potential of poetry comics.

In partnership with St Andrews Preservation Trust Museum

Participants: Tom Humberstone


Upstairs gallery – Preservation Trust Museum, North Street

Photo: Jiye Lee

Location: On the north side of the eastern end of North Street, next to The Castle Tavern

This venue is an 18th century Scottish town house which was restored in Arts & Crafts style in the early part of...