Events - Festival 2020

Metaphors of Displacement Workshop

Wednesday 6 March, 14:00 - 16:30
Bell Pettigrew Museum

A half-day workshop at MUSA led by Hannah Lavery

The topics of migration, exile and displacement are particularly prescient in our twenty-first century world, with the global south disproportionately affected by climate change, poverty and war. However, the history of movement and migration is as old as that of humanity itself, and themes of exile and displacement have been explored by writers and poets from the ancient world to the present.

In this creative writing workshop led by Hannah Lavery, we will explore the theme of displacement by responding to material held by MUSA's (the Museum of the University of St Andrews) archaeology and ethnography collection, by writing our away around and into objects people have taken with them when they have been forced, or have chosen, to leave the home they know.

Hannah Lavery is a poet and the engagement co-ordinator at the Scottish Poetry Library. Her spoken word theatre show, The Drift, examines questions of belonging, journeys and legacies. This workshop ties in with the morning’s colloquium on the same theme, although both events can be attended individually.

In partnership with MUSA (Museum of the University of St Andrews)

Participants: Hannah Lavery
Hannah Lavery: Adrian Lavery


Bell Pettigrew Museum

Location: Bell Pettigrew Museum, Bute Building (Entrance Door C), St Mary’s Quadrangle, off South St, St Andrews KY16 9TS

The Bell Pettigrew Museum is the University's zoology museum. It is a rare survival of a Victorian teaching...