Events - Festival 2020

Poetry in Exile - a Conversation

Sunday 10 March, 15:30 - 16:30
Byre Theatre, Abbey Street - Auditorium

Ghayath Almadhoun and Mustafa Abu Sneineh in conversation

Following a showcase reading (on Sunday 10 March at 13:00) by two poets writing in Arabic and their translators, the poets, Ghayath Almadhoun and Mustafa Abu Sneineh, come together again in this event to discuss how the experience of exile impacts on poets and their writing. Ghayath Almadhoun is Palestinian/Syrian and now lives in Sweden. Mustafa Abu Sneineh, a Palestinian writer from Jerusalem, is now based in the UK.

In association with A Year of Conversation

Ghayath Almadhoun: Justė Gadliauskaitė


Auditorium – Byre Theatre, Abbey Street

Location: At the top of Abbey Street off the east end of South Street. Also accessible from the Byre Close, off South Street.

Includes: Auditorium, Studio Theatre, Conference Room, foyers, Café Bar &...