Events - Festival 2019

Poetry on the Street Corner

Saturday 10 March, 10:45 - 15:15
Around the festival and around St Andrews

Catch a glimpse of our poets taking poetry for a walk this afternoon

That ubiquitous object of the modern day, the smartphone camera, turns the spaces of the everyday into a stage, opening up performance spaces where we least expect them. Following on from our Poetry on the Move last year, we’ll be sending poets and performers into town to produce and perform poetry throughout St Andrews, whether on the street or the beach, at bus stops or in coffee shops. While filming each other perform, our poets will serve up unexpected poetry to passers by.

Supported by the Scottish Book Trust / Live Literature and Flanders Literature

Andy Fierens: Charlie De Keersmacker
Jenny Lindsay:
Colin McGuire: Chris Scott
Luke Pell: Brian Hartley
Maud Vanhauwaert: Noortje Palmers


Around the festival and around St Andrews

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