Events - Festival 2020

Sit with me…

Saturday 9 March, 15:30 - 17:00
J & G Innes Ltd, Booksellers, South Street - Upstairs Gallery

Tell us about something you have loved and lost

Luke Pell was choreographer in residence at StAnza 2018, and has developed an engagement with poetry through the lost words project. Luke’s fascination with words, how we lose and find them and how they help us through difficult times, underpins a multi-disciplinary practice. The work exhibited at StAnza this year has emerged out of one-to-one conversations about words, loss and memory with a wide range of people – and these are encounters Luke is keen to continue at StAnza. If you’d be happy to talk with them, do drop in to the gallery at this time, where Luke will say 'sit with me… tell me about something you loved and lost'. They’d be delighted to see you there.

Participants: Luke Pell
Luke Pell: Brian Hartley


Upstairs Gallery – J & G Innes Ltd, Booksellers, South Street

Location: 107 South Street, on the corner with Church Street.

J & G Innes Limited are a family run independent Bookshop, Gift Shop and Stationers, established in 1927. They have a large gift department selling cards, gift wrap...