Events - Festival 2020

Special Past & Present

Thursday 5 March, 14:15 - 15:15
Napier Room, Martyrs Kirk, North Street
free / ticketed

A rare encounter with treasures from the University of St Andrews Library’s Special Collections

St Andrews University has been collecting books and manuscripts, including poetry, for the past six centuries. In past years, Upper Library in South Street (now known as the King James Library) contained ‘cabinets of curiosities’ which were a tourist attraction as early as the nineteenth century. More recently these collections were recognised as worthy of specialist care and a Special Collections division of the University Library was established. Those attending this ‘special’ Past and Present will have the rare opportunity to view and learn about a selection of poetry-related items from Special Collections. The event is free but ticketed and limited to a maximum of twenty.

This event takes place in the Napier Reading Room at Martyrs Kirk on North Street, the University Library's new facility. Please note that it is not permitted to take large bags or umbrellas into the venue, and photography will not be permitted until the end of the event.

Please note, the timing of this event may be subject to change before tickets go on sale.

In association with the University of St Andrews Library’s Special Collections division


Napier Room, Martyrs Kirk, North Street

Location: Napier Special Collections Reading Room, Martyrs Kirk, North Street, St Andrews KY16 9AA. Martyrs Kirk is on the corner of Union Street, across from St Salvators Quad.

The Napier Special Collections Reading Room gives...