Events - Festival 2019

Who Goes There?

Saturday 10 March, 10:30 - 12:30
Public Library, Church Square - Meeting Room

A creative writing workshop about ‘voice’ in poetry with Vahni Capildeo

The idea of ‘voice’ in poetry raises vexed and exciting questions. Today, poets may be watchful about developing, or betraying, their ‘identity’; reckless regarding, or on guard against, ‘appropriating others’. However, something in any writer remains on watch; listening at the sentinel’s post; vulnerable, if not open, to familiar and strange visitants. This session lets you off being on guard, or having to declare yourself. In this workshop, you will be encouraged to find other voices within yourself. You will experiment with creating personæ who ask questions about some ‘other’ character. About someone whose responses are unpredictable; someone on your conscience, in your dreams – or nightmares. We shall work together on identifying your desired or feared, unknown or unknowable, subject.

This workshop was first given for the Poetry Book Fair 2017 in London. Presented in partnership with Fife Cultural Trust Libraries, Arts & Museums

Participants: Vahni Capildeo
Vahni Capildeo: Hayley Madden


Meeting Room – Public Library, Church Square

Location: On Church Square off South Street, set back behind Holy Trinity Church

This venue is the local Fife Council Public Library, an older traditional town building which has had an internal restoration in a modern, airy style...