Donald Adamson

Donald Adamson writes in English and Scots and translates from Finnish. He has been a prize winner in many competitions, including first prize in the Sangschaw Translation Competition 2017, and has had two collections (From Coiled Roots and Glamourie) published by Indigo Dreams. He has given classes in creative writing and translation to different age groups. His latest pamphlet, All Coming Back (Roncadora Press, 2019), contemplates the third age of life, considered ironically, humorously and poignantly. The poems are illustrated by artist Hugh Bryden.

Picture of Donald Adamson, sitting side on outside an old building and holding a drink


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At Summerlee

I’m scuffling brown leaves
with my grandson. The branches are bare
with just a wizened pennant or two
still hanging on.
A half-mile stretch of canal
gleams, beckons, bends
and vanishes.
Our pace is slow, suiting as both
as we move hand in hand
each of us into our own


Donald Adamson