Juana Adcock

Juana Adcock is a poet and translator working in English and Spanish. Her poems and translations have appeared in publications including Magma PoetryGutter, Glasgow Review of BooksAsymptote and Words Without Borders. Her first book, Manca, explores the anatomy of violence in Mexico and was named by Reforma's distinguished critic Sergio González Rodríguez as one of the best poetry books published in 2014. Adcock has participated in events and festivals in various Mexican and European cities. In 2016 she was named one of the 'Ten New Voices from Europe' by Literature Across Frontiers, and was awarded a Fellowship for Scottish Artists to complete a writing residency at Banff Centre in Canada.


Photo: Saule Zuk


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This Body Of A Woman I Inhabit

This body of a woman I inhabit, desde where I’ve lifted a hand to touch the hair on the head
of Moses,
                                                                                                                                           [suddenly moved
to inside out tears from an entire childhood
of lips stiffened to sustain the world protect
the softness of our angles our wisdom of curtains, desde where I’ve half lowered
eyelashes to seduce three, four hombres desde where I’ve traced the sinuous “S” of desire
which Cratylus called “serpent” and Adam called “perception of flux,” desde where I’ve grown
tired of nursing
         like Teresa or Diana
like the fear they did not feel when touching lepers
with their immaculate hands, the lips
with which they kissed
their blessed sores, desde where I’ve washed out workshop grease
soaked fibers in a universal river of saliva desde where I’ve bled drops
miscarried fertilised wheat ivy desde where I’ve been a plot all bounty where goats graze


Juana Adcock

Spanish original from Manca (Tierra Adentro, 2014)
Translated by the poet. From Glasgow Women Poets: A Collection (Four-em Press, 2016)