John Burnside

John Burnside was born in West Fife when rationing was still in force. His 2011 collection, Black Cat Bone, won both the T.S. Eliot and the Forward Prize; his radio play Coldhaven was voted the best production in Germany in 2017; and his most recent novel is Ashland & Vine (which was written before Donald Trump came to power in the USA). He publishes occasionally in The London Review of Books, and writes a regular nature column for The New Statesman.

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Pig Latin

       Never wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty
       and the pig likes it. 
                     George Bernard Shaw

bringing home the sleek
autochthon who might have passed
for the last of his kind,

I pledge to ignore the flag, for a choir
of birdcalls far in the trees
and the stink of the dogs coming through
on pockmarked snow.

Ashamed of surviving so long
in the hushed estates,
I occupy the dative like a fallen
mustardseed, determined to arrive

at light and rain, all sanctuary foregone,
to go back to the verb, and nothing else,
my brothers submerged in the earth
with the aurochs and auks,

whole dynasties
of saddlebacks and lops
pooled on a rammed earth floor
with the blood of kings.

John Burnside