David J. Costello

David J. Costello lives in Wallasey. His publishing credits include Prole, Orbis, Magma, Dream Catcher and Envoi. David won the Welsh International Poetry Competition in 2011 and was placed second in the 2018 competition. He was also a prize-winning poet in the 2015 Troubadour International Poetry Competition. David’s pamphlets are Human Engineering, (Thynks Publishing 2013) and No Need For Candles (Red Squirrel Press, 2016). A full collection, Heft, is due from Red Squirrel Press in March 2020.


Black and white headshot of David J. Costello, speaking at a microphone


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Reddened by a ferrous sun,
a single copper beech
illuminates the syncopated
whorls of winter wheat.

November peels its
Velcro foliage away,
reveals the burnt-out
filaments beneath.

The wheat field wears
this harvest like a wreath.
Everything has withered;
but the blown-bulb

of the tree’s still
plugged into the mother-
board of scrapes and
ditches autumn has revealed.

If you listen you can
hear the crackle of its
greedy roots still sucking
at the circuitry.


David J. Costello

Forthcoming from Heft (Red Squirrel Press, 2020)