Jacques Darras

Jacques Darras (born 1939 in Ponthieu, Picardy) read Classics and Philosophy at the Sorbonne and the École Normale Supérieure, wrote a doctoral thesis on Joseph Conrad and subsequently spent his academic career at the Université de Picardie in Amiens. He has translated a number of poets into French, including Walt Whitman, William Blake, Ted Hughes, Ezra Pound and William Carlos Williams. In 1977 he launched the literary magazine in’hui (“to-day” in Picard) which continues to be published today. A Selected Edition of his poems appeared in January 2016. Darras has been awarded the Prix Apollinaire and the Grand Prix de l’Académie française. He was the first French and European Reith lecturer on the BBC in 1989.

Photo: Jacques Sassier - Editions Gallimard


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21:00 reading – Kathleen Jamie

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the sea does not die

the sea does not die
the sea does not revive
eternity the sea

the sea does not rot
the sea does not sink
the sea is not plucked

perpetuity the sea
the sea does not congeal
the sea does not freeze

the sea does not flower
the sea does not burst
the sea does not seed

the sea does not tire
the sea does not lack
immutability the sea

the sea does not leave
the sea does not quit
obsession the sea

the sea does not sail
the sea does not tack
the sea does not pass

a mystery the sea
a desert the sea
a troubled land the sea

the sea comes from afar
the sea takes us away
we are governed by the sea

the sea our drowning
the sea our dilution
the sea our irresolution

the sea takes our flesh
the sea takes our name
the sea is not what we please

the sea is not the sea
the sea is not elsewhere
ages and ages the sea

we were its creatures the sea
we swam in the sea
image of images the sea


Jacques Darras, tr. Richard Sieburth