Barbara Davey

Barbara Davey grew up outside London, in a family that was both German/Jewish and English. Later she spent many years in South Wales. She has worked as a gardener, a potter and most recently with young children. Barbara now lives in North East Fife and is a member of several local poetry writing and reading groups. She has read at Platform Poetry Nights, Ladybank Station. 


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Encounter verse around town: led by Julia Prescott and Barbara Davey

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it begins - who knows
where it begins -
drizzle accumulates
saturates the peaty mass
collects in crevasses
percolates into hollows
oozes, trickles

where rocks of gneiss overhang
it drips and plops
forming pillows of yellowing foam
in moss-lined gulleys

occasionally it streams
with such vigour
it gurgles and echoes
in stony chambers
beneath our path

from ditch to ditch it flows
the rain and sleet, brown-stained
from pool to pool, then lochan to lochan
until gathering into a torrent
it pours across the sands -
tannins mingling
with the Minches saltiness

                         Sandwood Bay  October 2016


Barbara Davey