Lynn Davidson

Lynn Davidson is a New Zealand writer living in Edinburgh. She writes poetry, essays and fiction. Lynn received a Hawthorden Fellowship in 2013 and a Bothy Project Residency in 2016. She was Visiting Artist at Massey University in 2012. Islander, her fifth poetry collection, was published in 2019 by Victoria University Press in New Zealand and Shearsman Books in the UK. Lynn is a freelance writer and teaches creative writing. She is a member of 12, a feminist poetry collective.

Photo: Suzanne Livingstone


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The mainland is rendered down
silvers and is gone.

My heart is green and raw – a pea not a heart –
front to the fire back to the wind.

The groan of stone on stone unsettles
me as I unsettle them.

A passing orca’s generator heart opens
and closes the island like a door.

Behind me green bush is a swaying glossary
I could lose myself in –

leaf bird tree feather bone
rock ponga pebble koru stone

bone-fire oil-lamp song
heart gale right whale wrong

Lynn Davidson

From Islander (Shearsman, 2019)