Lynn Davidson

Lynn Davidson is a New Zealand writer living in Edinburgh. She writes poetry, essays and fiction, most recently a poem series entitled Return to Kāpiti Island (House of Three, 2017). She has written three full collections of poetry, a novel and a novella. Her work has appeared in journals and anthologies including TEXT, Australian Poetry Journal, PN Review, Best of Best New Zealand Poems, Essential New Zealand Poems and Another English: Anglophone Poems from Around the World. In 2016 Lynn was the recipient of a Bothy Project Residency; in 2013 she had a writing fellowship at Hawthornden Castle in Midlothian, Scotland; and in 2011 was Visiting Artist at Massey University in New Zealand.

Photo: Suzanne Livingstone


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Standing Places

At the corner store I ask for sticking plasters
and the young man thinks for a moment
then says ‘like for wounds’ with that Scottish forward
press on words, so wound is almost
manifest; it blooms.

Yes wounds I say, relieved we understand each other.
I was steeled for more explanation,
had scrape and scratch up my sleeve
even, if I must, Elastoplast
but luckily wound does it. 

He reaches back
across his right shoulder and finds
a pack. I drop a coin into his dark
hand and wonder if his parents
or grandparents sometimes stand
at the end of words
to worry over their version
of jug, bench, bach, bush, plaster,
and what strange sibling-word
might lead them home.

There are plasters enough for sixteen wounds.
I tip out four.
One for my son who is learning how
to live alone.
One for my father who is worn out
and misses my mother.
One for the boy in the store with his
generous topple into wound. That’s three plasters –

and the one I unpeel now to cover and protect
the slantwise cut
caused by changing points of view,
the wounded aspect.


Lynn Davidson