Jenny Elliott

Jenny Elliott lives on a farm near St Andrews in Fife where she keeps Shetland sheep and runs The Shed Press, a small press producing mainly handmade poetry pamphlets and cards. In 2016 one of The Shed Press's pamphlets, Makkin-wires, won the Callum Macdonald Memorial Award. Her poems have also appeared in various magazines and anthologies and her collaborations with other artists have resulted in a number of exhibitions and publications. She has also worked as a free-range egg farmer, an environmental chemist, a flower preserver, a hospital teacher and a teacher of sensory impaired teenagers. She currently plans to restock The Shed with new products including woolly goods.

Headshot of Jenny Elliott: woman with dark curly hair and a denim jacket smiling against a background of blue sky


WrapperRhymes »

Poetry on sweet (and other) wrappers, curated by Helena Nelson and Jenny Elliott

Thu 5 March - Sun 8 March | 09:15 - 17:15 | FREE | J & G Innes Ltd, Booksellers, South Street, Upstairs Gallery

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Learn more about WrapperRhymes with Helena Nelson and Jenny Elliott

Fri 6 March | 15:45 - 16:30 | FREE | J & G Innes Ltd, Booksellers, South Street, Upstairs Gallery


poem written on sweet wrapper: small portions / with kids' joy in in mind / individually wrapped / to slow them down / you'll find / since 1968 / we've been guiding / the nation / helping parents treat / in moderation