Patrick James Errington

Patrick James Errington is a poet and translator from the prairies of Alberta, Canada. Winner of The London Magazine Poetry Prize 2016 and featured in the 2016 Best New Poets Anthology, he has had work in numerous magazines, including The Iowa Review, The American Literary Review and Horsethief. His French translation of P.J. Harvey’s The Hollow of the Hand, titled Au creux de la main, is forthcoming from Éditions l’Âge d’Homme. Patrick holds an MFA from Columbia University and now lives in Scotland, where he is a doctoral researcher at the University of St Andrews and the editor-in-chief of The Scores, a new St Andrews-based literary magazine.

Photo: Mat Simpson


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To a Boyhood in Winter

What more
to say? What

of this snow
-rankled sky?

This low lie
of comfort some

pale lip on these
car-furrowed streets

these towns strewn
with what should be

called living but
isn’t. Even wolves

curl around their
rocking hearts

to sleep.
Eventually even

I will leave you
be as you ask.


Patrick James Errington

First published in Horsethief, issue 3