Catherine Eunson

Before moving back to Glasgow, Catherine Eunson, originally from Orkney, lived on Benbecula in the Outer Hebrides for twenty years, where she brought up her two children and was variously busy with jobs in the arts, the community and education. She composed and recorded music for Pauline Prior-Pitt’s North Uist Sea Poems, which was performed at Taigh Chearsabhagh in 2015. She was a joint winner of the McCash Scots poetry competition in 2018 and has had poetry published in Poems for the NHS (Onslaught Press), Northwards Now, Ink, Sweat & Tears, Curlew and Southlight, as well as in ‘Henge in the Surge’ on the George Mackay Brown fellowship website.

Catherine Eunson, smiling directly at camera


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North Uist Sea Poems with Pauline Prior-Pitt and Catherine Eunson

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Sheep’s mist his cooried in alang the road,
syne first we rose in snell mornin’s nicht.
Cauld frost forbye insists on canny mode
for creepin under Kintail’s sparklin hicht.
Wild things scurry through and then they pause
whit’s ayont the bends I cannae prove;
the windin road aye through the forest ca’s
and Time’s a faimished roe deer on the move.
This wintery warld’s dividit intae twa,
upby, on tap, the yella sun shines bricht;
maist fowk ignore the pint o Nature’s laws,
doon here we cannae see the danger richt.
Ye learn respect fan drivin through these glens,
the mairch o traffic headin north extends.


Catherine Eunson

First published in The Herald (12 Dec 2018)