Sally Evans

 Sally Evans has published several books of poetry including The Bees (2008) and A Burrell Tapestry (2017), as well as two e-books Tormaukin and Drip Road (both 2017) and has poetry widely published in magazines, anthologies and websites. She edited one hundred issues of the broadsheet Poetry Scotland until 2018. She has lived in Scotland for forty years but also writes about her other home area, Cumbria and the North Pennines.


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Reading: Marco Fazzini, Sally Evans

Thu 7 March | 11:30 - 12:30 | £4.50/£3.50 | The Town Hall, Queens Gardens, Supper Room


11 a.m. Casterton

Nearly the fullest chimes
sung by the bells
from the clock
of the church in the trees,

As though the larch and the pine
struck eleven
this sunny morning,
as though the great maple
and ancient hawthorns
took a part
in our narratives,

As though variegated holly
and berried yew
and gold on falling leaves
affected our lives,
as they do.

Sally Evans

First published in Northwords Now