Iain Galbraith

Born in Glasgow, Iain Galbraith grew up on the west coast of Scotland, studied languages in Cambridge, Freiburg and Mainz, and now lives in Wiesbaden (Germany). His poems have appeared in Irish Pages, Edinburgh Review, PN Review, Stand, the Times Literary Supplement and Poetry Review and his volume The True Height of the Ear was published by Arc in 2018. He is also a translator whose recent books include W.G. Sebald’s Across the Land and the Water. Selected Poems 1964-2001, Jan Wagner's Self-portrait with a Swarm of Bees and Esther Kinsky's River, which was shortlisted for the 2018 Warwick Prize for Women in Translation. Iain has received several prizes for his work, including the Stephen Spender Prize (2014), the Popescu Prize for European Poetry Translation (2015), the Schlegel-Tieck Prize (2016), and a PEN/Heim Translation Fund Grant (2017).

Photo: Peter Thompson


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Nothing keeps changing & neither
lets the other gain ground. Four plates
go down & everybody is wrong. 
We wait for the knives to come out;
the board is hexed with dry blood,
entrails blistered by fire. Anger
hurries a-gallop into the debatable space.
Serrated & pitiless now it will try the final
marches – pike, trench and palisade,
your motte-and-bailey, my scythe,
the downfall of shadow on a child’s cheek.
Later, your leg bridges my hip,
the din of battle wanes. Foolish
darkness, pressing its face to the panes.


Iain Galbraith

From 'Seven Raw' in The True Height of the Ear (Arc, 2018)