Doug Garry

Doug Garry is a core founder of Loud Poets. He is also an up-and-coming young voice in the Scottish spoken word scene. He was captain of the winning 2014 Edinburgh University UniSlam team, and a winner of the Edinburgh University Literature Society Slam and Edinburgh Antislam. He also belonged to the 2016 winning UniSlam team, and went on to be part of the first international team at CUPSI in Texas. In 2016, he supported three-time world slam champion, internationally acclaimed poet Buddy Wakefield as part of his worldwide tour. As well as being a regular and recognised performer across Glasgow and Edinburgh, he has released collections in both CD and paper form, with Poems and 30 Night Sketches.

Photo: Perry Jonsson


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Digging Days

The pen you gave me grew into a spade.
We dug for dinosaurs in the hills all afternoon.
Our sweat was silver, mercury, angel love.
All we found were gold coins and swords,
They both shone pretty.
We bent the blades over our knees and threw them into the river.
But that night, as we slept, they came back
Their handles covered in mud.
They came in through the window and didn't make a single sound.
When we woke up we found them
Piled high above the door.
They trapped us in that room.
You climbed out of the window,
Used a rope made of bedsheets tied end to end
Like the movies taught us.
I took the gold coins and bought my freedom.
We met again in a cave made of lightbulbs and microphone wire.
You spoke poems into the walls and the bulbs would light up
Undressing their glass and burning bright.
We were a burning house.
Neither of us moved.
But the swords, they found us again.
This time we gave them words
Told them stories about what mountains look like from space
And how some music tastes like fresh tomatoes.
They fell asleep and the bulbs melted their steel into a river.
The river it ran right down the middle of the cave
And each time we crossed it
A little piece of us shone brighter.


Doug Garry