Georgi Gill

Georgi Gill’s poems have been published in journals including Abridged, Bare Fiction, Gutter and Under the Radar, and have featured in A New Manchester Alphabet. Her work is also included in Stairs and Whispers: D/deaf and Disabled Poets Write Back. Currently living in Belfast, Georgi is a member of 12, a Scottish poetry collective of female poets. She collaborates with the composer Isabel Benito Gutiérrez and is on the editorial team of The Interpreter’s House. She tweets occasionally as @georgi_gill and blogs rarely at


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On the cusp of meeting you

I am waiting, staring, eyes reading the surface
of the tea that is cupped and on the table,
focus on the envelope of light rays
playing, reflecting, refracting.

A forgotten science class pitches into the present:
I recall this concentration of light is called
the caustic and imagine burning.

Staring deep, I travel in, in and become
the light rippling on the surface,
become this one infinite line.

It’s inevitable: the curve cannot
straighten up but is condemned to bend.
And too tense, too long, I am on the cusp,
I am the cusp of bending back, of giving up.

Georgi Gill