Jane Goldman

Jane Goldman is Reader in English Literature at Glasgow University. She likes anything a word can do. Her poems have been published in Scree, Tender, Gutter, Blackbox Manifold, Adjacent Pineapple and elsewhere. Her first slim volume is Border Thoughts (Leamington Books, 2014), “a little theatrical box of spectacle and light … the living underworld of Brecht’s Threepenny Opera translated into raucous girlish post-war wayward ways” (Lisa Jeschke, Hix Eros 6).


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Greyfriars Bobby


                          for luck
                          like Montaigne’s foot
         his bronze cast nose
all rubbed
to its shiny
still it pierces

the dreich

this dis-
slowly nose

our very
beacon of

the virtual

of pethood


Jane Goldman

From Umbrellas of Edinburgh: Poetry and Prose Inspired by Scotland’s Capital City, ed. Russell Jones and Claire Askew (Freight, 2016)