Vicki Husband

Vicki Husband’s debut collection of poetry This Far Back Everything Shimmers was published by Vagabond Voices in 2016. Vicki’s poetry has appeared in literary magazines, has been included in an anthology of new Scottish poetry Be The First To Like This, and has won prizes in the Mslexia Poetry Competition, the Edwin Morgan International Poetry Prize and the Pighog/Poetry School Pamphlet Prize. Recently Vicki collaborated with poets from Pakistan in a project run by Highlight Arts, creating versions of Urdu poems in English, which culminated in readings at Alchemy Festival in 2015 and a publication launched at the Lahore Literature Festival in 2016. She completed a Fine Arts degree, then later trained as an occupational therapist and now works for the NHS in Glasgow.

Photo: S. Motherwell


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Sun 5 March | 11:30 - 12:30 | £4.00/£3.00 | The Undercroft, St John's House, South Street


Giacca civetta / owl jacket

– a jacket placed on the back of a chair in an office to indicate the owner’s presence at work when they are in fact galavanting elsewhere

Sometimes, we both perform
an act of presenteeism
in our conversation: eyes engaging
while our minds swivel 270 degrees
in the treetops. Yours (ironically) on work,
the vagaries thereof, closing the pay gap
or not. And mine on some metaphor
that flew into my head then perched
in a dark corner, observable only by the sound
of readjusted feathers. In the background
your chat – on hegemony, heteronormity
and other terms that bounce off
the flat dish of my face – reaches the peak
of its pique as I am hunting a vole, hovering
with intent above the forest floor when
–in response to some hyper-sonic cue–
I tune back into you and stare
yellow-lamped, shuffling eyelids
like screen-wipers, quite unaware
what has been said. Slowly, I drop
porcelain bones, spit a mouthful
of fur, take that old jacket from the back
of my chair, and redress.


Vicki Husband

From This Far Back Everything Shimmers (Vagabond Voices, 2016)