Dorothy Lawrenson

Born in Dundee and brought up in Fife, Dorothy Lawrenson is a poet who writes in English and Scots. She is currently completing a PhD in Creative Writing at the University of Edinburgh, having earned her MFA at Texas State University. Her poems have appeared in Edinburgh Review, Frogmore Papers, Gutter, Irish Pages, Lallans, and South, and in the anthologies Best New British and Irish Poets 2019 (Eyewear), A Year of Scottish Poems (Macmillan), Be the First to Like This (Vagabond Voices), Double Bill (Red Squirrel Press) and Whaleback City (Dundee University Press). She was the winner of the Wigtown Scots Prize in the 2019 Wigtown Poetry Prize.

A headshot of Dorothy Lawrenson, smiling and wearing a baseball cap, standing next to a Rail Canada train and with mountains in the background


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In the ghyll

The May banks quivered, frothed
          with haw. The river would give
and it would keep; the way it had

          of hiding and glinting,
flowing and finding. One
          by one, children leapt

from a bough – the last
          had to be coaxed. Coin-like,
river pebbles underwrote

          coins of light: river
furtive and showy, flashy
          and shy. At last the child

surrendered to the dark
          pool as if giving up
a great secret. Heavy rain

          had filled the ghyll; gasping
from the cold, the child broke
          the surface, scattering a ransom.


Dorothy Lawrenson