Lisa Matthews

Lisa Matthews is a poet and freelance writer based on the northeast coast of England. She has published three books of poetry, most recently The eternally packed suitcase. Her fourth book Callisto, a collection of prose poems, is due out in September 2017. She is working in collaboration with visual artist and digital developer Melanie E. Ashby on the Northumberland-based poetics and environmental project ESTUARY. Lisa is Lead Poet at the Northern Poetry Library and is currently a part-time doctoral researcher at Northumbria University where she is investigating the roles of the confessional mode and sequential poetics in her practice and the practice of other poets.

Photo: Donna-Lisa Healy


The Eternally Packed Suitcase: Lisa Matthews »

An installation with poetry packed into the gaps

Wed 1 March - Sun 5 March | 10:00 - 22:00 | FREE | The Byre Theatre, Abbey Street, Level 2 Foyer


Of these, abandonment

This is my heart
left open like a window in a storm,
a red stain on a carpet,
a greasy table in an empty room –
the hum of an engine in the basement,
the birds in black and white
across the road, in the park.
Stark and beholden.

This ending was not meant,
all roads do not lead here,
when we started this I had no idea
where I would settle, how big
my heart could feel, and how
afraid I would be of happiness.

Outside, winter sun picks out
spines of ivy on the trees.
Everyone comes back,
everyone leaves.
Every one a leaf.


Lisa Matthews

From The eternally packed suitcase (Vane Women Press, 2015)