Iggy McGovern

Iggy McGovern is Fellow Emeritus in Physics at Trinity College Dublin. He has published three collections of poetry with Dedalus Press: The King of Suburbia (2005), Safe House (2010) and The Eyes of Isaac Newton (2017). A Mystic Dream of 4, a poetic biography of the nineteenth-century Irish mathematician and poet William Rowan Hamilton, is published by Quaternia Press (2013). Iggy’s awards include the Ireland Chair of Poetry Bursary, the Glen Dimplex New Writers Award for Poetry and the Hennessy Literary Award. He edited the anthology 20/12: Twenty Irish Poets Respond to Science in Twelve Lines, published in 2012 by Dedalus Press in association with Quaternia Press.


Photo: Pat Boran


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The Mathematical Barman

The mathematical barman
lives in a world of his own;
he's calculating the average size
of the bubbles in each pint
or the different combinations of coins
in the right change from a fiver
or the time it takes a drop from the optic
to reach the slatted floor.
But the customers all love him,
and not just because he never
says: “You've had one too many”!
He likes to put it this way:
“There's three types of barman,
them that can count and them that can't.”

Iggy McGovern

The Eyes of Isaac Newton (Dedalus Press, 2017)