Katherine McMahon

Katherine McMahon is a performance poet living and working in Edinburgh. She has performed across the UK – from music festivals, to the back rooms of bars, to one glorious night with a full orchestra and a specially-written score. Her first pamphlet, Treasure in the History of Things, was published by Stewed Rhubarb Press, and was accompanied by an album in collaboration with sound designer Fiona Keenan. She has run a wide range of workshops, projects, and weird and wonderful events. She is particularly interested in using spoken word to build a more just, kinder world through understanding, community and solidarity.


Photo: Chris Scott


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Thu 2 March | 13:00 - 13:50 | £6.50/£5.00 - Book Tickets | The Byre Theatre, Abbey Street, Studio Theatre

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love poem from heart to belly

You are so round! You are the softest
shape, you holder of senses. Did you know
that you have more neurons than a cat's brain?
You don't need to be so down on yourself,
you're a smart cookie, a clever sausage,
the tastiest pie in the oven.
Your stretch marks – I think they look like currents
in the sea on a calm day. Currents are essential
to the ecosystem, did you know that?
David Attenborough explained it to me –
it's all about the micro-organisms. You stir up
feelings like plankton
for me to feast on, my whale mouth eager,
turning them into strong muscles, into leaps
and tail fins. Scientists are always speculating
about whales' breeches, did you know that?
Like joy isn't a good enough explanation.
It's good enough for me.
You make me sing.


Katherine McMahon

Originally published in Gutter, Nr 14