LesleyMay Miller

LesleyMay Miller is an artist and poet.  She combines her words and visual art in artist’s books, sculpture and in soundscapes. Her poetry is published in anthologies and magazines. She created a sculpture garden in the Scottish Borders. She now draws inspiration from living by the coast in East Lothian.


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Ekphrastic poetry responding to new artwork at the festival

Thu 2 March - Sat 4 March | 13:00 - 17:00 | FREE | Public Library, Church Square, Meeting Room

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Meet some of the poets from the Sightlines exhibition

Fri 3 March | 15:45 - 16:30 | FREE | Public Library, Church Square, Meeting Room


Wind Song

Can you hear a flute in the air?
Find a stone to tell a story?

Let's search for trails in the sand,
washed marks of life, hidden inside shells.

Carved bone, scraps of mystery
curled in rock pools, tangled with seaweed.

Iron rivets, signs of a boat burial.
Time is drawn back in the recoil of each wave.

Purple sandpipers
pleuter on the shore of Roos Loch.

Ripple of a harp, whistle of panpipes
carried by the wind over the bay.

The sea churns up our discards and lays them at our feet
glass transformed to grey and green gems.


LesleyMay Miller