Timothy Neat

Timothy Neat's Fife ancestry goes back thousands of years, and he has lived in Wormit since 1973. His films include Hallaig (1985), The Tree of Liberty (1987) and Play Me Something (1989) and have won a number of awards including Barcelona’s Europe Prize and Best Documentary in the Celtic Countries. His books include Part Seen, Part Imagined (1994), The Summer Walkers (1996) about the Highland travelling people, and a two-volume biography of Hamish Henderson. He writes poetry and has worked closely with Anne Michaels, John Berger, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Jean Redpath, Charles Causley, Seamus Heaney, Will Maclean and many others. He is currently working on a film of drawings for the Image de Ville Festival, Aix-en-Provence, and is writing a book on the art of the Iraqi-Scots artist Nael Hanna.

Photo: Jamie Chambers