Jon Plunkett

Born in Ireland, and now living in the highlands of Scotland, Jon Plunkett is widely published and much anthologised. His first full-length collection, A Melody of Sorts, is due out with Red Squirrel in 2019. His work is often seen in collaborative projects with Scottish artist Lindsay Turk. Jon is also a slam winner and keen performer. He founded the Corbenic Poetry Path and has recently taken over the reins of Poetry Scotland.

Photo: James Millar


A Melody of Sorts »

Lindsay Turk’s paintings engage with the poetry of Jon Plunkett

Mon 25 February - Sun 31 March | 10:00 - 22:00 | FREE | The Byre Theatre, Abbey Street, Level 4 Gallery


Matters of the heart

It is a heart in a jar – nothing
but an old organ preserved,
pickled in stillness, liquid
clouded with years.

But I stare, eyes wide
as the scalpeled arteries,
knowing I will never know
how fast it beat

as death came to claim it.
I wonder if it was faster
than the blood it pumped
through lips pressed to lips

of the lover’s first kiss.
The raised beat, the heat
of other organs. The throb
of the heart as it connected

through a web of capillaries,
momentarily to another.
The escalated pulse,
the propulsion of possibility,

then life’s first spark,
another tiny heart
that will beat through
life, and love and longing.


Jon Plunkett

Forthcoming in A Melody of Sorts (Red Squirrel Press, 2019)