Chris Powici

Chris Powici's poems have been published in various magazines including The Gutter, New Writing Scotland and The Dark Horse. His latest collection is This Weight of Light, published by Red Squirrel. Chris edited Northwords Now magazine from 2010 until 2017. He reckons the natural world matters and that, with luck and hope and work, poetry can help wake us up to just how much it matters. Chris lives in Perthshire, Scotland and teaches creative writing for the University of Stirling and the Open University.

Head and shoulder shot of Chris Powici, smiling against a background of hills


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The Otter Goddess

The otter goddess won’t hear our prayers,
cares more about the sway and feel
of kelp against her belly
than whether we believe in her or not.

She’d sooner eat gull than have anything to do
with love or forgiveness;
she can’t even tell herself apart
from the sinewy crab huntress
her presence inhabits.

All she knows is grace
cool thrill of tail-flick and fur-glitter
as she surges up the green depths
to sashay on the swell.

And guillemots dive about her.
And death is another time.


Chris Powici

From The Weight of Light (Red Squirrel Press, 2015)