Julia Prescott

Julia Prescott is mostly a painter when she is not writing. She is interested in all kinds of art all the way from the Palaeolithic onwards, and has synaesthesia, which gives her a special delight in colour. Poems have appeared in various magazines and anthologies, including in Musings on Mothering edited by Teika Bellamy and in the Mother's Milk Books Writing Prize Anthology 2013. She has a pamphlet, Between Venus, the Moon and the Apple Tree, published by Shed Press. Julia has been a member of the StAnza planning committee since 2000.

Julia Prescott


Another Place »

A digital installation of commissioned poems on artefacts from MUSA’s Amerindian collection

Thu 7 March - Sun 10 March | 10:00 - 22:00 | FREE | The Byre Theatre, Abbey Street, Level 2 Foyer



Decades have passed,
pieces gathered into crates,
the earlier mosaic shattered
when the cruel coulter crashed
through the nest and winter frost
broke the family apart
already uprooted to this place
where silver-backed barley bends in the wind
and sea breathes in my ear.
The fault line shivers
opens up again and again
releasing a swarm of memories
sounds and sweet airs.
Music wafts out of windows
laughter billows down the stairs
cats and the calls of owls or was it wolves
dead pets buried under bushes
myrtle always in bloom transplanted
from another garden. Scattered
as blown seeds four came
only one remains.


Julia Prescott