Claire Quigley

Claire Quigley’s poetry has been published in a variety of magazines, including Magma, Gutter, Bare Fiction and The Interpreter’s House. She lives in Glasgow where she works as a Computing Science education consultant. She is also a photographer with a particular interest in live music photography, and her pictures have appeared as cover shots on books and CDs, and as author portraits.


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Sun 5 March | 13:00 - 14:00 | £4.00/£3.00 | The Town Hall, Queens Gardens, Council Chamber


Unidentified Aircraft (over Montrose)

after the painting by Edward Baird

This is the stillness just before.
The town lies faceted behind.
We threw a bridge across

the unreflecting river
like a living cord – still warm –
under a sky shown day for night.

Snowfall has shattered on the hills.
We are so close that you are almost
with us now, as we – still warm –

lift up our faces to the night.
Arms wide, priests
of a silent benediction:

that our bodies might leave
angels in the snow
if we should fall.


Claire Quigley