Elizabeth Rimmer

Elizabeth Rimmer has published three collections of poetry with Red Squirrel Press: Wherever We Live Now (2011), The Territory of Rain (2015) and Haggards (February 2018), as well as essays on the Christian contemplative tradition about Thomas Merton and the author of the mystical treatise The Cloud of Unknowing. She has a longstanding interest in herbs and how we use them as symbols for the values we cherish, and has produced a modern translation of the Old English Charm of Nine Herbs. She has edited two poetry collections for Red Squirrel Press, and the most recent anthology of the Federation of Writers (Scotland), Landfall. She is a council member of the Scottish Centre for Geopoetics.


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These are the places in between,
between the field and the mountain,
between the cattle and the sheep,
between the orchard and the road,
between the heather and the sea,

places where growth is curbed
by salt, or drought or altitude,
by rocks beneath, by standing water,
by wind, by fire, by lawlessness,

places for forgotten things, and things
no longer valued, the weeds and black bees,
the wrens and thrawn roots of Latin
the boys were taught in secret.

These are the places in between,
too small for the rich to care for,
where things grow stronger for neglect,
where questions thrive, and dreams, cut down
to the roots, grow hardy, come back strong.

Elizabeth Rimmer

From Haggards (Red Squirrel Press, 2018)