Kirsteen Scott

Kirsteen Scott lives and writes in Edinburgh but she belongs to Argyll where storytelling, the individual voice and the land were significant. When she was wee and in the spring she used to grub for earthnuts – following the long white thinning root to the prize of a nut. Now the prize is a poem. Short stories and poems have been published in Cencrastus, New Writing Scotland and Northwords Now.


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At the Dance

I will hang words on a line
and they will shine
like glowworms
on a summer night

anchovy and bergamot,
crockery and dunce,
eglantine and flying fish
greed and hunter’s hill

and I will string them up
and watch them dance

psalms and Pontefract
dither on the line

and little joining words
like and and but and though.

They are small word beetles,
wingless and intact,
glowing as they wait.


Kirsteen Scott

First published in New Writing Scotland 23