Rebecca Sharp

Rebecca Sharp’s work spans poetry, theatre/performance, prose and interdisciplinary projects. Recent work includes The Ballad of Juniper Davy and Sonny Lumiere (poetry, performance - Metal Liverpool), Unmapped (poems and paintings with Anna King at StAnza 2013), For the Bees (with Mr McFall’s Chamber), Rules of the Moon (text/sound/performance with Philip Jeck) and The Wakeful Chamber (Aberdeen Performing Arts / Sound Festival / A Play a Pie and a Pint).  Her most recent play. The Air That Carries The Weight (Stellar Quines theatre company), was performed at the Traverse theatre in Edinburgh in 2016.  She was poet-perfumer in residence for StAnza 2016, where she created an interactive installation of poems and natural perfume scent-jars. 

Rebecca Sharp

Photo: Raz Ullah


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Woe to him who hates vetiver

“The perfumer should be totally unprejudiced… Woe to him who hates vetiver… He should be aware there are no incompatibilities in perfumery…”  John Carles

EARTH: Vetiver, Oakmoss, Clary Sage, Cedarwood, Pine, Ho Wood

Surely something is guarded by the soil –
the tongue of the earth,
          waiting to unfold.

Loosened, it speaks
of old smoke and stale velvet;
wetness remembered like boots on the hearth.

Reciting the secrets we’ve learnt to forget:
how to begin, again and again.
A story suspended,

delayed – a warning
in the throat of a promise,
            hoping to be told.

Rebecca Sharp


From Five Charms for the Potingair, a series of poems and natural perfume blends made for StAnza 2016, as poet-perfumer in residence. ‘Potingair’ is a medieval word for apothecary.