Frank Starik

Frank Starik is a poet and writer based in Amsterdam. He was the city’s poet laureate from 2010-2012. Starik originated the Lonely Funeral project in Amsterdam in 2002. He has published two anthologies about the project: De eenzame uitvaart (2005) and Een steek diep (2011). Selections from both books were published in Austria and the UK. He’s also written ten volumes of poetry, as well as some prose. He was once the singer in an unsuccessful band, Willem Kloos Groep, who played loud music to texts by dead poets.

Photo: Keke Keukelaar


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Reading: Paula Jennings from Under A Spell Place, Frank Starik from The Lonely Funeral

Sun 11 March | 11:30 - 12:30 | £4.50/£3.50 | The Undercroft, St John's House, South Street



Call us companions. When in fact
We share nothing. Call out: hello, alright
Again we’re in a hurry
To get out of sight.

We are at play, there’s no other way.
Slick dressers, we stand in the shadows
On the edge of the pit, covered in leaves
This is how we hide.

We, I say, we, but actually mean you.
Not me, in my feeble skin, I want
Always to remain in light.

I seek out the sunny side of the street.
Peeling laugh. Rasping cough.
The road ends in an iron drain.

Frank Starik, tr. Willem Groenewegen

Originally published in Songloed (New Amsterdam, 2007)