Jean Taylor

Following a career in Industrial Publishing and Human Resources Management, Jean Taylor came to poetry through an Open University Creative Writing Course. She writes to explore new ways of looking at the world and sometimes just to find out what she thinks. She has been a member of the Words on Canvas Writing since its inception and her work has been published in a range of publications including Orbis, Northwords Now, Freak Circus and Poetry Scotland. Her poem ‘Four Boys’ was highly commended in the Inspired to Write Competition run by Jupiter Artland in 2015.


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Four Boys

Horst Bluhm
Will Euler
Fritz Forster
Heinz Kristal


Four boys missed their target
crashed into Hare Hill


When they stumble
upon the bomb
hogweed and milk thistle
they trace the bubbled seams
of its four
perfectly-angled fins,

surprise the rubber warmth
of factory-stamped metal.

They long to fly -
to scale the space
hilltop and cloud top.

But the thought of killing
flattens their dream.

They bury the bomb
where they find it
in a foxhole tomb,
scatter themselves -

an explosion of shrapnel
over Hare Hill, Black Hill,
Bell’s Hill, Harbour,
Capelaw, Allermuir.


Jean Taylor