Sheila Templeton

Sheila Templeton is originally from Aberdeenshire and writes in both Scots and English. She is well published in magazines and anthologies and has won many prizes, including the McCash Scots Language Poetry Award three times, the McLellan Poetry Prize and in 2019, the Neil Gunn Writing Competition, Adult Poetry Section. She has been a Makar of the Federation of Writers Scotland, poet in residence for the Harbour Arts Centre, Irvine and worked in the SPL's Living Voices project. Her most recent collections are Drochaid (Tapsalteerie, 2019), Owersettin (Tapsalteerie, 2016) and Gaitherin (Red Squirrel Press, 2016).

A photo of Sheila Templeton, sitting on a stone wall looking over other the beach and holding the McLellan trophy

Photo: Rowena M. Love


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taks its time

needs the quait
o a bairn's han, slippit intae
the calloused roch
o Granda's waarm grip

the pair o us
jinkin roon the back wye
tae keep oot the road o the Saabath fowk
makkin their sonsie steps hame

mangs for the skinklin o blaik an fite wings
abeen the siller o an April sun
as peesie-weeps daunce their spring

listens tae the lang sough and clack
o beddie-steens shiften an shachlin
unner thrang clair watter

disna murn the sair fack o daith
bit mervels at the bleedy orrals
flooerin a tod's den

says tak tent far ye plunt yer feet
aye mynd tae waak doon
the side o a park greenin wi early corn

has tae be hard-lairnt, lik aathing else.


Sheila Templeton

From Owersettin (Tapsalteerie, 2016)