Charlotte Van den Broeck

Charlotte Van den Broeck (Belgium, 1991) has published two critically acclaimed books of poetry, Kameleon (2015) and Nachtroer (2019), and has been awarded the Herman De Coninck Debut prize and the triannual Paul Snoek Prize. On stage she explores a performative approach to poetry as a dramatic form. She has performed internationally, including at Poesiefestival Berlin, Nacht van de Poëzie Utrecht, Woordfees Stellenbosch, Ledbury Poetry Festival and Poetry on the Road Bremen. Her books have been translated into Spanish, French, Serbian, German and English (with Bloodaxe Books). In October 2019 she made her prose debut with Waagstukken, a collection of essays on architects and suicide.

Charlotte Van der Broeck's appearance at StAnza 2020 is part of New Dutch Writing, presented by the Dutch Foundation for Literature, and is also supported by Flanders Literature.

Photo: Bart Vandermoeren


Five O’Clock Verses »

Reading: Alec Finlay, Charlotte Van den Broeck

Thu 5 March | 17:00 - 18:00 | £6.50/£5.00 | Parliament Hall, South Street



don’t lean too far now the evening is squeezing out the light and our breath
bump-blue the skin, the pounded war drum for the shortfall inside of us
the house submits to being divided into banana boxes and possessive pronouns
the bookcase into left and right
yours the maps, the Russians and the complete Márquez
I get dictionaries in all languages, biographies of dictators
and yes,  poetry, now of all times refusing to speak, you ask:
which bird was it that tears its own breast with its beak?
the pelican gets no further than the tip of my tongue
now I know that mourning starts by bumping your elbow
and radiates into your fingers
pre-emptive anaesthesia before they touch again

Charlotte van der Broeck, tr. David Colmer

From Chameleon / Nachtroer (Bloodaxe Books, 2019)